Just call me Hafid

Hafid TersenyumI am moody… it’s for sure—AFAIK.

My ordinary life is I stay up late, not sleep more than 24 hours it was normal for me—as well. Love coffee and chocolate. Smoker, of course. I don’t like stay too long at a “box”, neither with “Comfort Zone” or “Normal Zone”. If being Anomaly or Abnormal can make me much better why not? But I preferred to call it as Advantages.

Tik… tok… Clock always ticking!

Philosophy of my mind:
I know one thing, that I know nothing” but “I’ll never know till I’ve tried“. All knowledges on me it’s just borrowed, I couldn’t have it as mine. And, I don’t even think about it.

Currently work:
► PC/Notebook → Technical Support ⑊ Computer Assemblers ⑊ Seller.
► Education → ICT Lecturer, Majoring: Graphic Design for High School of SMA PGRI 1 Banjarbaru, Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia.
► Graphic Design → Designing Web ⑊ Print Media—sometimes.

Favorite Quotations:
Kurangi makan, kurangi tidur, kurangi omong, kurangi gaul“. This is my Teacher Legacy.

Language I’ll use:
► For this blog → Indonesian and English.
► For my daily → Banjarese and Indonesian, Javanese (sometimes).

Books I’ve read before:
► Pendidikan Karakter Berpusat pada Hati by Hamka Abdul Aziz
► Wawasan Al-Quran by Muh. Quraish Shihab
► Heart, Self and Soul: The Sufi Psychology of Growth, Balance, and Harmony (1999) by Robert Fragner
► Quantum Learning by Bobbi DePorter & Mike Hernacki
► Sophie’s World (Dunia Sophie) by Jostein Gaarder
► The Solitaire Mystery (Misteri Soliter) by Jostein Gaarder
► Celestine Prophecy (Manuskrip Celestine) by James Redfield